As a child of a technological age, you have grown up around technology in school and also possibly at home. You have never known a time without a computer, laptop or the Internet - and might even be better than your parents!

Although you might be able to use technology and the Internet easily, you still face the same dangers as anyone else that uses the Internet, just like your parents. You could still see inappropriate websites and images; be the victim of cyber bullying, or receive spam emails so it is really important that we know how to use technology and the Internet safely.

However, don't be scared about using the internet because it is a FANTASTIC resource and you can find out nearly anything that you want to know!

Just follow these simple rules and you can stay safe AND have fun!

e-Safety Day

We celebrated Digital Well-being and e-Safety Day on the 9th September 2015 here at Ernesettle Community School. We explored and celebrated what it means to be responsible digital citizens and how to keep ourselves and others safe online. We were lucky enough to have Professor Andy Phippen, Professor of Social Responsibility in Information Technology at the Plymouth Business School and University of Plymouth join us for this day. He came and spoke to all of our children from Y1 – Y6 about e-Safety, ran an e-Safety quiz with each class and held a Parent/Carer workshop about keeping their children safe while online. We also had two special assemblies about doing good 'Digital Deeds' and we shared our top tips for e-Safety. Have a look below to remind yourself what this means:

Key Stage Two (KS2)

Key Stage 1 (KS1)

The whole staff team were then treated to some fantastic training so that we can all continue to ensure that we are all super digital citizens who are responsible online, making sure we all are safe and have positive digital well-being!