The P.T.A. is made up of members of our school community. We are extremely grateful to them for the events and activities that they organise and run for our children and families. If you would be interested in supporting our P.T.A. events or taking part in them please contact the school office.

The P.T.A. have recently contributed to the purchase of the multi-use games area for the school playground through their fund raising activities.

Please see below (and our Facebook page) for some recent photos of events.  



How often this year have you had to replace a lost piece of uniform for your children?

We know the staff have to spend time sorting lost property and unless it is named it is normally unclaimed!

We at the PTA have secured a link with the company `STIKINS`. They are a company who supply printed name labels to stick in your children`s belongings.

If you are interested in ordering these labels you can support the PTA and school fund by clicking on the buy Stikins banner above. The company will donate 25% to the school, remember if you label it you won`t lose it!!