Welcome to Year 2

This term's topic is 'Freeze it'. We will be focusing on ‘Changing and Separating Materials’ and linking it to life in the Arctic and Antarctica. In Science, we’ll be ļ¬nding out all about ice and water, what temperature water freezes and which materials will keep ice cool. Our learning won’t freeze there though, we will design, make and eat (!) ice lollies using our understanding of freezing and investigate how we can keep them cool for longer.

We will be focusing on animations in Computing and how they are made before we make our own. As a treat and inspired by this learning, we will be taking an exciting trip to VUE cinema to watch Despicable Me 3 and watch an animation in action.


This term in English we will be studying the fictional story of ‘Blown Away’ and learning to read and write our own versions. We will practise handwriting daily, using the cursive style. Maths will focus on geometric reasoning, shapes and patterns.



We will continue to develop of our times tables daily and focus on 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. Any extra practise of these will be useful too. Mathletics provides wonderful activities to support your child with this.

Homework expectations this year include reading at least three times per week,
completing a weekly spelling sheet and a home learning task, which may have an English, Maths or creative focus. Please can we remind you, as Year 2 is a SATs year, we feel it is very important to complete the homework task with your child. Every bit of practise will really make the difference!

This term’s Family Homework challenge is to create your own snow globe and the winner will receive a £20 Smyths Toy voucher. Please ask your child’s class teacher for more details.

Year 2 Curriculum Letter

Year 2 Curriculum Letter
Year 2 Curriculum Letter

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