Welcome to Year 3

Through our Term 6 Topic learning Chocolate, we will be exploring chocolate’s long history and discover lots of amazing things about it.  We will learn about the lives and culture of the Mayan and Aztec people who were the first to make chocolate and examine Hernán Cortés, the Spanish explorer, who conquered the Aztec Empire in 1521.

We will be finding out where cacao trees are found and about the factors affecting the growth of cacao trees and other cash crops.  We will also find out how to make our own chocolate; what we can add to it to appeal to different tastes and how to design an eye-catching wrapper.

Since cacao trees grow in tropical countries with an equatorial climate, we will not be able to see them growing in their natural environment so instead we will be visiting the tropical biome at the Eden Project to see cacao trees in real life; we’ll also be taking part in a Chocolate workshop.

Children will continue to receive specialist PE tuition so their PE kits are required in school at all times please.  Homework books will be sent home every Friday and children are expected to bring in one piece of completed homework each week.   Please continue to help your child learn their weekly spelling and listen to them read at least three times a week. 

In English, children will develop and apply their knowledge of vocabulary, conjunctions, openers and punctuation as they discover recount texts through the fiction of Dick King Smith’s The Sheep Pig

In Maths, we will continue to use the Visual Maths approach to secure formal written methods of calculation using all four operations and children will also practice their rapid recall of times tables.


Please find below a list of key spellings for Year 3.

Year 3 Key Spellings

Year 3 Curriculum Letter

Year 3 Curriculum Letter Terms 1 and 2

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