Welcome to Year 5

This term our Topic will be ‘Go with the flow’. We will be developing our understanding of the importance of the River Nile in the development of Ancient Egyptian Civilization. During this unit the children will also be focusing on erosion and properties of materials.

In Design and Technology the children will also have the opportunity to design, make and test boats. Each week your child will receive PE tuition from a secondary specialist therefore a suitable kit be required every Tuesday.

The children will also have two new themed home learning grids which will be sent home on a Monday and will be expected in on the Friday. Spellings and reading twice a week will also continue.

In English we will be focusing on myths and legends and report writing. The children will learn many different techniques such as personification, metaphors and simile as well as continuing to develop their knowledge and skills of using vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation (VCOP).

In Maths the children will continue to develop their mental strategies such as their knowledge of times tables as well as written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be focusing on applying these skills to word problems and investigations.

Year 5 Curriculum Letter

Year 5 Curriculum Letter Terms 1 and 2

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